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The use of Nomex honeycomb is advantageous because of the following characteristics:

   - High strength to weight ratio

   - Fire resistant and self extinguishing

   - High temperature capabilities

   - Corrosion resistance against oil and fuel

   - Excellent resiliency

   - Low density

   - Compatible with most adhesives used in sandwich construction

   - Easily formed to shape

   - Dimensional stability under heat and moisture

   - Low dielectric properties

   - Variety of cell sizes, strength and thickness

Despite all these properties, honeycomb cores are not suitable for vacuum infusion because the cells are open. Infused premade sheets can of course be used with an adhesive film to make honeycomb infused sandwich structures. Regarding the cost, honeycomb cores are more expensive than other core materials.

Click here to see Nomex honeycomb 10mm thick when it is bent.  

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