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The Fibermax Composites variety of fiberglass products (different yarn sizes, weaving styles, weight values etc,) allows customers to choose the most appropriate material for the job. Customers should pay attention to the application’s specific needs, and performance versus cost before ordering. Fibermax Composites fiberglass products are available in:

  • Plain weave

  • Twill weave

  • Veil

  • Biaxial

  • Satin

  • 3D

Plain weave is less drapable compared to satin and twill weaving styles, but easy to cut because it doesn’t fray easily. Satin and twill styles on the other side are more drapable and fray more. Areal weight of Fibermax Composites fiberglass fabrics ranges from 25 gr/sq.m to 1830 gr/sq.m. The lighter the weight of the fabric the easier it will be to drape to contoured surfaces. In addition a heavier fabric is less flexible and needs more resin to wet out.

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