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Carbon fiber is preferred to many applications, as it outperforms many other fiber materials. It is mainly used to high quality products to replace fiberglass, wood or alloys, as it offers lower weight, higher stiffness and better fatigue resistance. Also, as attention on environmental issues is increasing, carbon fiber use has grown. For instance, carbon fiber can reduce the vehicle weight and consequently fuel consumption. At the same time, composite product manufacturing has much less carbon footprint than metal (product) manufacturing, so this way there is an additional, (not so obvious to realize) positive impact on the environment.

Examples of carbon manufactured products are:

  • Sporting goods: Surf boards, bikes, fishing rods, tennis rackets, hokey sticks, running shoes.

  • Automotive – motor racing: Bodywork parts (like doors, hoods etc,) structural components (like chassis,) mechanical (like drive shafts) and protection (like helmets, shock absorbers.)

  • Marine: Manufacturing of boats, yachts and ships, structural and non structural parts.

  • Defense and aerospace: Aircrafts, vehicles, armor etc.

  • Musical instruments: Guitars (and other stringed,) drums, as well as wind instruments.

  • Wind industry: Turbine blades.

  • Electronic fields: Printed circuit, house electronic equipment, PCs, camera bodies.

  • Medical science: Wheel chairs, artificial body parts, x-ray transparent operation tables.

  • Construction: Bridge building, building close to sea and harsh weather conditions, old building rehabilitation.

  • Environment and energy fields: Fuel batteries, oil industry.

Due to carbon fibers great properties, a significant growth in the carbon fiber market is expected. For any application, in order to produce high quality products with carbon fiber, high skills and technical equipment are required.

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