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Aramid fiber applications are divided into two categories: A) Reinforcement in composites like sport goods, aircraft, military vehicles and many other. B) Fabrics in clothing such as fire protection clothes or bullet proof vests. More elaborative uses of aramid are:

  - Various forms of composite materials

  - Sail cloth

  - Snowboards

  - Protective gloves, helmets, body armor

  - Filament wound pressure vessels

  - Flame and cut resistant clothing

  - Asbestos replacement

  - Ropes and cables

  - Optical fiber cable systems

  - Jet engine enclosures

  - Tennis strings and hokey sticks

  - Wind instrument reeds

  - Reinforced tyres and rubber goods

  - Circuit board reinforcement

Although every application meets its own requirements, almost all of them share aramid's major characteristics: high strength, high modulus, high toughness, thermal dimensionality stability, low creep and light weight.

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