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Nomex honeycomb is a commonly used composite core material manufactured with aramid fiber paper, known as Nomex paper, dipped in a heat resistant resin. The material takes its name from bee's honeycomb, a hexagonal sheet structure. This structure provides an excellent combination of strength and efficiency while at the same time reduces the weight of the component. For this reason honeycomb materials are widely used where their high strength to weight ratio is valuable in industries like aerospace, marine, military, construction, sports and automotive.
Honeycomb can be manufactured with other materials too, such as metal (aluminum), plastic (polypropylene), fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Today, 'Nomex' honeycomb in prepreg constructions dominate the market. Other honeycomb products are continuously developed mainly to cover more price sensitive uses and needs in the sandwich construction field.
Recent studies show an estimated growth in the Nomex honeycomb market. At the same time an estimated growth rate of commercial passenger aircrafts ranges from 3.4% to 5.3% annually between 2012 and 2030, if the market trend remains the same. In addition, new uses of Nomex honeycomb as in UAVs (unmanned aircraft vehicles) appear. Also, there is major optimism in luxury yacht industry, where honeycombs are used to make yachts more light-weight for speed and stability. Finally, because energy saving concerns become greater, Nomex honeycomb use in transportation is expected to increase as well.


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