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Fiberglass is widely used in applications such as:

- Automotive: Body parts for trucks and buses, roofs, air fairings, side fairings, doors.

- Aerospace: Interior panels, wall, separators, toilet compartments and furniture.

- Marine: Boat hulls, decks, internal and external components.

- Windmill blades.

- Military – defense: Protective equipment e.g. armor, helmets, clothing, vehicles, radomes.

- Construction: Structural reinforcement, roofing laminate, canopies, swimming pools and spas, hot tubs.

- Electrical and telecommunications industry: printed circuit board, insulation components.

- Sports: Surfboards, kayaks, beach rackets, bicycles, masts.

- Tubes, pipes and other profiles.

- Machinery and equipment enclosures.

- Storage tanks.


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