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Epoxy system SR Surf Clear EVO / SD EVO (Fast)

Epoxy system<br>SR Surf Clear EVO / SD EVO (Fast)
Quantity Prices
(ex. VAT)
1-5 Kg33.52€
6-15 Kg28.12€
16-33 Kg25.74€
≥33.61 Kg23.34€

Epoxy system SR Surf Clear EVO / SD EVO with fast hardener for translucent laminates

Each kilo includes 0.70 kg resin + 0.30 kg hardener

Surf Clear epoxy system is specially formulated for the manufacturing of wind-surf boards and surf boards. It is adapted for hand lay up of carbon, aramid, glass and HMP fabrics and is compatible with all core materials and foams.

System characteristics:
Very good UV stability
Hardening without tack
High gloss
Low viscosity
Transparency of laminates
Self leveling
Scratch resistance

SR Surf Clear EVO resin characteristics:
- Very tough epoxy resin with high thermo-mechanical performance. Recommended for high performance wave and slalom wind surf boards and sandwich (or not sandwich for wave riding surf) construction.
- Creates ultra light composite parts with high mechanical resistance and UV stability.
- For surface preparation / plug finishing, high-gloss requirements.
- Other applications: Jewellery, coating of coloured patterns, prototypes.

Instructions for application:
Work in a clean environment with heating facility.
Working temperature: 20 oC minimum, 35-40 oC maximum.
Maintain a constant temperature during lamination.
Avoid high ambient humidity (< 70%).
Avoid exposure to UV during cure. Laminates and coatings have a polymerization cycle of 14 days at 25 oC. Post curing offers greater UV resistance.
Do not wet sand laminates or coatings before 4 days at 25 oC.
Do not dilute with acetone, ester or alcohol based solvents.
Keep packaging well sealed as hardener is sensitive to carbonic gas and humidity.
A polyurethane paint finish can be applied without primer after sanding the final layer of resin.

Physical properties of SR Surf Clear EVO epoxy resin:

Appearance / colour: Light purple liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 2925 ± 575
Density (g/cm3) at 20 oC: 1,1817

Physical properties of SD EVO Fast hardener:
Appearance / colour: Water clear liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 190 ± 40
Density (g/cm3) at 20 oC: 1.000

Mix properties of SR Surf Clear EVO / SD EVO Fast system:
Mix viscosities (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 2000
Mixing ratio by weight: 100 g / 41 g
Mixing ratio by volume: 100 ml / 50 ml (2 / 1)

Reactivity of SR Surf Clear EVO / SD EVO Fast system:
Exothermic temperature (°C) 150 g mix at 20 oC: 225
Exothermic peak time of 150 g mix at 20 oC: 15'
Pot life of 150 g mix at 20 oC: 8'

Product MDS

Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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