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Epoxy system R6780 / H6732 (Ultra Slow)

Epoxy system<br>R6780 / H6732<br>(Ultra Slow)
Quantité Prix
(sans TVA)
1-5 kg23.22€
6-15 kg18.82€
15-29 kg15.62€
≥29.86 Kg13.52€

Marine epoxy system R6780 / H6732 with ultra slow hardener

Set 29.86 Kg (33.00 kg resin + 9.70 kg hardener)

The R6780 is specially formulated for ambient temperature curing of marine and wood composites (laminating, bonding and protection of wood.) It has an excellent adhesion to all types of wood. It is handy, with adjustable working time, as it comes with 3 hardeners (fast, slow and ultra slow,) has low viscosity, and is crystallization free.
Suitable for room temperature applications, it gives a high gloss finish, with low surface pollution, and UV stability. This marine epoxy system has a low toxicity and should be preferred for laminating composite applications where post curing is not possible.

R6780 epoxy system cures at ambient temperature.
Full cure after: 7 days at 25 oC or 48 hrs at 30 oC or 12 hrs at 40 oC or 6 hrs at 60 oC.

Physical properties of R6780 epoxy resin:
Aspect / colour: Yellowish liquid
Viscosity (m.Pas +-100) at 20 oC: 960
Density (g/cm3 +-0.005) at 20 oC: 1.145

Physical properties of H6732 hardener:
Aspect / colour: Yellowish liquid
Viscosity (m.Pas +-30) at 20 oC: 70
Density (g/cm3 +-0.03) at 20 oC: 0.97

Mix properties of R6780 / H6732 system:
Viscosity of the mix (m.Pas +-100) at 20 oC: 600
Weight ratio: 100 / 28 g
Volume ratio: 100 / 33 ml or 3 / 1

Reactivity of R6780 / H6732 system:
Pot life for 100 g mix at 25 oC: 1 h 05'
Exothermic temperature (oC) for 100 g mix at 20 oC: 40
Time to reach the exothermic temperature for 100 g mix at 20 oC: 2 h 15'
Drying time, set to touch on 1 mm wet film at 20 oC: 4 h 20'
Time before sanding at 25 oC: 12 hrs

For detailed data sheet please contact.

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