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Epoxy system SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525

Epoxy system <br>SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525
Quantity Prices
(ex. VAT)
1-5 Kg43.34€
6-15 Kg33.46€
16-29 Kg31.74€
≥29.94 Kg30.00€

Clear bio based epoxy system SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525 for hot process

Each kilo includes 0.80 kg resin + 0.20 kg hardener

SR GreenPoxy 56 resin is based on the latest innovations in green chemistry and represents a significant technological breakthrough on the following points: purity, color, performance and guarantees on the availability of industrial tonnages. SR GreenPoxy 56 molecular structure is bio-based at almost 51% and is produced with a high carbon content of plant origin.

The SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525 epoxy system exhibits high mechanical and good wetting out properties resulting in a low resin consumption and a clear laminate and final aspect. The recommended cycle of 10 min is at 100°C and the mix bio-based carbon content of about 45%.

Physical properties of SR GreenPoxy 56 epoxy resin:

Aspect / colour: Liquid colourless
Viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 1400
Density (g/cm3) at 20 oC: 1,1980

Physical properties of SZ8525 hardener:
Aspect / colour: Light yellow liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 33
Density (g/cm3) at 20 oC: 0.94 ± 0.01

Mix properties of SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525 system:
Mix viscosity (mPa.s) at 20 oC: 1160
Mixing ratio by weight: 100 g / 25 g
Mixing ratio by volume: 100 ml / 32 ml

Reactivity of SR GreenPoxy 56 / SZ8525 system:
Exothermic peak on 500 g mix at 20 oC: 280
Time to reach exothermic peak on 500 g mix at 20 oC: 27'
Time to reach 50 °C on 500 g mix at 20 oC: 19'

Product MDS

Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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