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Epoxy system R9380 / H938

Epoxy system <br>R9380 / H938
Quantity Prices
(ex. VAT)
1-5 Kg54.82€
6-15 Kg50.42€
16-27 Kg47.22€
≥27.18 Kg45.12€

Flexible epoxy system R9380 / H938

Each kilo includes 0.84 kg resin + 0.16 kg hardener

R9380/H938B2 is a system designed for laminating parts that exhibit shock and impact resistance, like the underbody of off road car racing. It may be used alone or as an additive to modify other epoxy systems. Also, it may be used to impregnate the outer layer(s) of laminates (so to take first contact of impacts,) and to achieve anisotropic behavior (in terms of thickness) of a part. In this case special care should be taken so to prevent delamination by making a gradual transition from elastic to rigid matrix. This gradual transition can be achieved by using 2 or 3 progressively lower content ratios (on subsequent fabric layers) of 9380 system, so to go from pure elastic to more rigid epoxy gradually. A very high ambient temperature is needed for pure 9380 flexible system to start the hardening reaction.

- 80 to 110 % of elongation at break in tension
- Shock resistance over 150 KJ / m2
- Unfilled and translucent
- Advantages compared to polyurethane:
Does not foam when in contact with humidity
Memory of shape

- Parts under vibrations, shocks, low temperature
- Flexible laminates: Body parts for cars, motorbike, 4X4 etc
- Casting and inclusion (degassing under vacuum)
- Part design / prototyping

Minimum curing cycle:
24 hours at ambient temperature + 6 hours at 40 oC + 10 hours at 60 oC

Physical properties of R9380 epoxy resin:
Aspect / colour: Yellowish viscous liquid
Viscosity at 25 oC (mPa.s): 2500-3000
Density at 20 oC (kg / l): 1.10

Physical properties of H938 hardener:
Aspect / colour: Clear liquid
Viscosity at 25 oC (mPa.s): 7-13
Density at 20 oC (kg / l): 0.97

Mix properties of R9380 / H938 system:
Weight ratio: 100 / 19 g
Volume ratio: 100 / 21 ml

For detailed data sheet please contact.

Intrastat Number for this product: Epoxy: 39073000, Hardener: 29213091

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