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C285T2pp 40 sq.m. roll General purpose

C285T2pp<br>40 sq.m. roll<br>General purpose
Item Price     2,124.00€
(ex. VAT)

Carbon prepreg C285T2pp, general purpose, 40 sq.m. roll

Price: 2124.00 EUR / 40 sq.m. roll
Price / sq.m.: 53.10 EUR

Technical characteristics:

Fabric weight: 285 g / sq.m.
Width: 1.00 meter
Prepreg weight: 500 g / sq.m.
Epoxy content: 42 %
Gel time at 125 oC: 11 min
Volatile content: < 1 %
Weaving style: Twill 2X2
Warp: 3K T300 carbon fiber, 50%, 7 ends(threads) / cm
Weft: 3K T300 carbon fiber, 50%, 7 ends / cm

Fibermax general purpose prepregs are based on a 80 to 150 oC (176 - 302 oF) curing toughened epoxy matrix, suited for both autoclave and press molding applications. A standard autoclave curing cycle is: Draw vacuum (0.6 - 0.7 bar) and apply positive pressure. Then start heating - typically 2-5 oC / min (3.5 - 9 oF) - till 120 oC (248 oF) and then hold this temperature for 1 hour. Turn off the temperature and cool under pressure to 60 oC (140 oF). When fully cooled open the bag and extract the piece.

12 months at - 18 oC
4 - 6 weeks at room temperature
Allow prepreg roll to reach room temperature before opening plastic bag to prevent condensation.

1 hour at 120 oC (248 oF): 110 - 120 oC (230 - 248 oF)
1 hour at 130 oC (266 oF): 130 - 140 oC (266 - 284 oF)
10 min at 150 oC (302 oF): 130 - 150 oC (266 - 302 oF)

Cured at 130 oC for 60 minutes and 3 bar
Flexural strength (Mpa): 850
Flexural modulus (Gpa): 54
Tensile strength (MPa): 550
Tensile modulus (GPa): 60
ILSS - Short Beam Shear (Mpa): 67
Tg (DSC) 20 oC / min: 128 oC

Please click on picture, for a closer view to the fabric's real size. To realize actual size with precision please observe the threads / cm feature mentioned above.

All information herein is given for guidance and general information purposes only, represents typical properties, and should not be used for specification limits purposes or basis for design. Fibermax Composites reserves the right to make modifications on fabrics, change yarns, specifications, and all information given herein, without notice. It is only on written certificates and agreements that we provide our customers with warrants for the quality and/or advise for the suitability of products for particular uses. Data sheets and certificates of conformity are promptly provided upon request with roll serial number.

Carbon Yarn MDS

Intrastat Number for this product: 68151200

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